Mombasa City Scape Aerial Video

Mombasa History and city scape skyline

Mombasa City Kenya [ Skyline Aerial View ] #mombasa


Mombasa City Scape Aerial Video

Mombasa City

​The Port of Mombasa is the key entry and exit point for cargo belonging to a vast hinterland that include Kenya, Uganda Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia. The port of Mombasa dates back to 18th century when the Portuguese and the Arabs came to the East African Indian ocean shore for spice and slave trade

The history of The Port of Mombasa dates back many centuries from the existence of the Old Port. The Port served dhows from India, Arabian Gulf and Far East. It is located near Fort Jesus at Mombasa Old Town. ​In 1890, Kenya and Uganda became a British Protectorate under the Imperial British East Africa (IBEA). The colonial government saw a need to create infrastructure inland to open up the area for effective administration, hence the construction of the Kenya- Uganda Railway (1895-1902).

Coupled with increased activities at the Port there was need for a more spacious and convenient place to meet the demand and for construction of a rail network. Therefore the Port of Mombasa was relocated to the Kilindini Harbor West of Mombasa Island. The development of the present Port of Mombasa commenced in 1896 when the first Jetty, used for discharging materials for the construction of the railway line was built at Kilindini.